The Best Fashion starts with the one that money can't buy.

There’s nothing wrong with loving fashion, in fact I also enjoy the occasional new pair of shoes or finding a new lovely outfit. But there is a difference between only caring about your exterior without working on your most important asset, which is your interior. Good fashion is like the cherry on top of a sundae. It makes your treat alluring, the pop of color catches the eye and it has that taste that just gives the sundae a little extra kick. However the most important part of a sundae isn’t the topping, it’s the ice cream, which is the base and your the biggest component. Your mind, heart and soul are the ice cream. No matter how much money you spend on trying to impress others and to look like what a superficial society might deem “cool”, your not going to be as attractive or as alluring as the person who is in jeans and a t-shirt but is a wearing a smile on their face, or whose heart and soul is ever loving to the point where it starts to show and glow around them. Therefore lets start with working on making our inner selves as beautiful as it was meant to be, that way whether you spend $2 on our favorite t-shirt, or $300 on a pair of shoes…. Or whether we choose to never throw away our $17 chuck sneakers from high school (yes I still have mine); we will still look like a million bucks because a good heart, a good soul, and a positive mind are the brightest diamond accessories on earth that we can wear and shine.