LOVE Above Everything Else


Love. We all want love. Whether its romantic love, family love, mass love, love from strangers on the internet, friends love, or even our own love. However, that’s the problem... many of us set out to seek Love without realizing that it starts and EXSISTS within us first. When I refer to Love, I don't just mean love as a couple (romantic etc.); I mean Love the feeling of comfort, trust, security, compassion, kindness, expression etc. LOVE to me is the ultimate truth. It's the feeling we have, the minute we are inside our mother’s womb. The feeling we have for our family, our first pet, our first friend, our first significant other, our dreams and goals. LOVE. To me love is the most universal and important language, religion, law, belief, and action. Love transmutes hate, it stops pain, it changes millions of people, and it has the power to create. The beauty of Love is that we ALL have it. We seek it, but it's actually inside each and every one of us. That is why, to give love, spread love, be loved... you must accept the love with in yourself first; and LOVE yourself. This means being your biggest fan. Don't bring your self down with self-hate, self-harm, self-destruction. Don't be the most negative person towards yourself. Yes, we are not perfect, but we have a choice to be the best version of ourselves. So when we see something about ourselves (internally or externally) that we don't like... don't just hate yourself: change it. Be your own cheer crowd. If you don't then you become this ball of negative energy and that is what you will attract as well as give off. How can someone who is constantly in the dark see anything? But if you start to let your light shine bright.... then you can guide yourself as well as others. It's domino effect. Love, positivity, kindness, compassion, good will, etc.; will attract good vibes if continued.

             Two of my favorite agreements from my FAVORITE book; The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz which you will see me referencing a lot in this blog, is "Be Impeccable With Your Words" and "Always Do Your Best". The reason I love these two agreements is because their true. Words are POWERFUL. The more negativity you say esp. about yourself "I'm ugly. I'm fat. I hate myself. I'm a looser. No one loves me" then like repeating cliff notes, eventually your brain will only remember these words and start to believe them and they become your reality. Change that. Change your thoughts and esp. your words towards yourself and to others. We all have negative and positive inside us. It's our choice to choose what kind of person we want to be and life we want to live. I choose to emobded my postive sideas much as I can: Love, Happiness, and trying every day to be the Best Version of MYSELF. And you accomplish this by starting to first LOVE YOURSELF and then spread love by your words and your actions towards others and towards life. "Always do your best" yes... again we may not be perfect, but why do anything harmful towards yourself or others? What do you gain? All that will come from negativity and hateful actions is more hate and more destruction. Eventually karma kicks in and the cause and effect will happen. Which means that awful thing you said or did will come back to you. Now this doesn't mean to "pretend to do good things" simply because you want good things to happen. The universe is smarter than that. You have to truly become the positive side of yourself because you WANT TO BE and you BELIEVE in it . As for self-harm: NO POINT. The brief feeling you THINK you are getting of relief from the pain that you are allowing yourself to have by not taking over your own thoughts, will NOT go away by hurting yourself. That isn't love. So stop. Stop counting days, stop playing the victim to others: JUST STOP. Instead be the hero; your own and others, because you can. Also, find a better outlet. Something that in a positive way makes YOU FEEL BETTER. Do you love to draw:  then do it. Do you love to simply sit under a tree alone on a cloudy a day: then do it. Does singing out loud and out of tune make you happy: THEN DO IT. Do things that will produce constant happiness in a loving and positive way so that the overall results will eventually be good energy that attracts good energy into your life. As long, as they don’t hurt anyone, including yourself, or promote anything negative (which is the opposite of what love is) then do it.

       When I say that you have a choice in life to be happy and have love no matter what, I don't mean that you woke up and chose to be clinically depressed or that you chose to have any illness or be born into a bad situation etc. and that you can fix that in ONE morning. NO. What I mean is that no matter what: YOU have the power and the choice to say NO, TODAY I'M GONNA FIGHT MY OWN DEMONS AND FORCE A SMILE. TODAY I CHOOSE TO GO OUTSIDE AND TAKE IN THE FRESH AIR, TODAY I CHOOSE TO TRY AND BE HAPPY AND TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF : I CHOOSE TO BE BIGGER THAN MY PROBLEM. The more good thoughts you have, the more you try and try.... eventually you can be or believe in this. Doctors make money off you having to take pills constantly. Most therapist now a days don't even really fix your problem, they just write you a prescription. So I don't trust when western doctors say you have THIS so take THIS and thats that. I was raised differently. I was raised to believe that because your soul is what you reencarnaite then your body is your vessel and anything bad that may happy is a lesson or a test for your spiritual growth. So, we meditated, tackled illness even mental with lifestyle and clean healthy food changes, we read books to about life and the soul and alternative holistic beliefs, we talked and talked and talked till our ears felt like they were burning to get to the core issue of a problem that perhaps manifested into a physical illness but started as an energy or trauma. I believe in the soul, I believe in energies, I believe in the souls evolution & reincarnation. I believe your social environment and your food intake affects your state of mind and your soul. These are my (and many others) beliefs. You don't have to agree, but ask yourself: what results have you seen so far with continuing to just give in to your illnesses or your sadness etc. and not try an alternative way of simply not giving in and taking charge of your own life.

      What’s so wrong with trying to have a positive outlook on life and not giving up just because we are told that we have no choice? Well, I refuse to believe so. When I was in my early 20s I thought I knew everything. I went through a brief but dark phase and stopped listening to my family and decided to party and go wild like everyone else. Lost myself in everything opposite that I truly believed in.  Went through many life tests and obstacles. I hung out with the "cool" kids and made some poor decisions. I was my worst enemy and even my journal writing and poetry was dark. My lowest point was drinking alone one night, depressed from life, from a break up, from loss of hope in my day to day life, from self hate, and alcohol being a depressant didn’t help get me out of this. In fact, it lead to giving me suicidal thoughts. If it wasn't for the last minute realization that I had my family who would miss me dearly and then them literally forcing me out of the mental state I was in, and opening my eyes to the fact that life CAN be beautiful... I may not be here today. I'm so thankful for the love and strength my family esp. my mother has had for me and shown me. More so the guidance my family gave me that lead me to want to change my life perspective from a negative lifestyle to a positive one.  It is from so many of my dark and growth experiences that I feel confident to talk about change today. I am proof. I don't live in my past. I don't regret it, but that wasn't me. We aren't our past, we are our present, and who we choose to be today. That was the negative side of me trying to take over. My positive side and my quest for love is my present self and the real me. My true self is who I am happy to be now, and it shows in my day to day life outcomes. LIFE is proof. LOVE is proof. HOPE is proof. CHANGE is proof. I love myself. I love LOVE. I want to spread happiness as much as I can, in my way, but perhaps you can spread it in your way. Follow your intuition, no matter  what anyone says (including me) you know deep inside what’s right. Not what we are programmed to believe by others who may be blinded by their own negative programmation, but what we genuinely feel is right. LOVE is always right. So start loving yourself. It is the best feeling when you become so confident in your own soul and person; that NOONE and NOTHING can destroy you.

   My homework is for you to write down all the things you love about yourself and also the positive things  that you want believe about yourself. Start by writing "I am....”; for example "I AM LOVE" "I AM STRONG" "I AM KIND" "I AM BEAUTIFUL". Write a list down and place it somewhere you can see everyday. Then start FEELING , almost as a brief moment of meditation, what its like to BE STRONG, BE LOVE, BE KIND, ETC ETC. The power in the visual words is in how you feel, believing them to be true and how it feels when you are living THAT reality. Whenever you start feeling down, you can say these words out loud and start to repeat them so much that you start to believe again. Like exercise for your mind. Try it. I will write more about this subject another time, but for now my final point is LOVE YOURSELF first. Start letting your love glow inside so that you can then let it show outside through your words and actions. We are all powerful, no matter what, so join the #LoveMovement because we are ALL #LoveWarriors , and add some goodness, love, & positive light to our collective conscience which is Earth (and all living beings with in it).

Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with Integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”
— The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz