Follow Up On My EarthDay Inspired Vlog Post. Including HelpFul Links List.

Earth is our home. She provides for us, cares for us, and even when we think she is hurting us with her storms etc she is actually trying to heal herself from the damage, destruction, and pollution we alone ave created. Humans are her only inhabitants that let there selfish needs, desires, adn greeds consume them while hurting her :our home. As well as destroying all living beings that live on her lands , skies, and oceans. But you can make a difference. You can help heal her by changing your selfish lifestyle, opening up your eyes, and living in a reality filled with compassion, awareness, and knowledge. Wake up people. The problems of the world are no longer far from you. They affect us all whether or not we want to see them. Change isn't an option anymore as much as it is a NECESSITY. The negative effects we have created are now creating a domino effect of problems that will continue to get worse if we don't make changes. It started with us and needs to end with us. We can help for our generation and those to come. If not, then the blockbusters we once looked at for entertainment won't just be thrillers or action packed movies but instead warnings to a reality that is only a few years away. As I said in my Vlog#7 post, "Whether you want to change for selfless reasons, or selfish reason....change is inevitable just DO IT"

I spoke in the post about reusable bags and recycling as well as how there are plastics and things that are NOT recycable. Here is a list of examples:

Unacceptable Materials

  • Plastic Bags / Film -  Disposable plastic shopping bags and other plastic films are best recycled in dedicated collection points such as grocery and department stores.
    • Please do not put recyclables in plastic bags. 
    • Place your recyclables loosely in your City recycling bin or cart.  This helps with the sorting of recyclables at our local processing facility.
  • Non-food & beverage metal containers (i.e. metal blinds, pots & pans, etc.)  
  •  Wire clothes-hangers -  Wire hangers are "springy" and can pose an eye hazard to workers as well as damage sorting machines at the MRF
    • Return hangers to your favorite dry cleaners for reuse or recycle them at the Covanta metals recyclingbox noted above.
  • Waxed covered paper (i.e. political signs, wax cooking paper, waxed cardboard etc.)
  • Ceramic Cups and Glasses 
  • Styrofoam and Packing Peanuts  
  • Plastic cups, trays and containers:    While all plastics are potentially recyclable, the market dictates which types of plastics are currently acceptable.   For more information on recycling plastics, please read the following article "Recycling Plastic: Complications and Limitations."   Plastic items that are typically non-recyclable include:
    • Clam shell type plastic fruit or salad containers
    • Styrofoam cups and trays
  • Small Large propane tanks (i.e. camping stove propane tanks). 
  • Helium tanks 

Acceptable Materials

The City's Residential Recycling Program Accepts:

  • Mixed Paper -  White / Color paper, office paper, newspaper, junk mail, magazines, phone books, paperback and hard-covered books, paper board boxes including cereal / tissue / cracker boxes, etc. 
         Note:  Please remove the newspaper from any plastic bags before recycling.  
  • Cardboard  - Clean, unwaxed cardboard may be recycled in your cart along with all other acceptable recyclables.  Larger cardboard boxes should be broken down to fit inside the cart or set beside the cart for recycling collection.  Please remove any styrofoam, plastic packaging or other contents! 
    • Empty pizza boxes are acceptable
    • Any cardboard boxes containing trash will be collected along with the regular trash collection and not recycled.
  • Gable Top Cartons and Juice containers -  Refrigerated Milk and Juice cartons are now recyclable in the City's residential recycling collection.
       Please visit for more information.
  • Glass Bottles & Jars -  please empty all contents and fluids before recycling.
    • Note:  Window glass and drinking glasses are not acceptable
  • All Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Jars, Tubs, Pails, and Buckets - 
    • Lids are now acceptable for all plastic, glass and metal containers.   Simply leave them on the container when recycling.
    • Remember - the number on the bottom does not necessarily determine its recyclability. 
    • Please read the article "Recycling Plastic: Complications and Limitations" for more information about recycling plastics.   
  • Metal Food & Beverage Containers Only -  Learn how to recycle your small metal items below. 
  • Shredded Paper - Please place all shredded paper in a paper bag, folded shut.
    • Opaque plastic bags with unknown contents will be treated as trash.

I also HIGHLY SUGGEST you click on to learn more about this. Also please take 4 minutes to watch this video with Jeff Bridges for the sites plastic pollution awarness:

As for the leading cause to our climate change issue as well as multiple environmental issues is by far ANIMAL AGRICULTURE which is affecting our lands, our climate, our oceans, our environment overall, and even world hunger. 


Many documnetaries have done an amazing job at opening many eyes and minds and souls to the facts and rasining awareness on the issues at hand. BUT you have to WATCH THEM. Luckily big names such Leonardo Dicaprio, Susan Sarandon, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrian Grenier Mark Ruffalo(to name a few) are starting to catch the attention of a pop driving media audience by using their voices and platform to raise awarness and help people understand the issues at hand with eye catching informative documentaries and actually inspire people to change for the better. Some which I suggest you take the time to see asap and are available online for cheap or for free Netflix for example are:

  • Cowspiracy
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Earthlings
  • Food Inc.
  • Blackfish
  • Dear President Obama
  • Fed Up

Thats just to name a few. So many more to come I'm sure but these will open your eyes on so many issues and ways to better your lifestyle as well as help our planet and well being of all living things in the long run. Once you watch these I would love to hear your feed back so please come back to this page or my Vlog#7 post and comment below.

Change sometimes feels scary, and the truth really can seem inconvenient when we are use to a certian lifestyle. BUT believe me when I tell you from my own experience that it isn't as hard as YOU make it seem. Esp. once you are informed and open your eyes as well as the love with in. You can no longer be blinded by mass media to the problems of the world or the problems that surround us esp if you are PART of the problem. BE THE CHANGE. BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. You will be happier in the long run in every way by doing so. 

Congratulations on your path to awakening within...and as always I send you MUCH LOVE.<3




35 mm Film- B&W... June 2015-Sept 2015

I LOVE FILM. Polaroids, disposable cameras, and manuel camera's that use film. There is something lovely about capturing a moment on film, not being able to edit it (like they do with digital pictures) and simply framing it or having it in your hands as it is ...forever. Here are some pictures I took with my 35mm Canon AE-1 manuel camera. I recently bought a flash for it so I will start using it going forward in times when I do need to have more lighting. Which you will notice in some of the indoor photos with low light hehehe. ENJOY! xo

The “We only live once. Let's live life to the fullest." Syndrome.

      Why is it that us humans have a tendency to have no problem taking a chance on something that might be harmful or damaging or even life threating, but we find it so difficult to take a chance on something that may result in a happier, healthier, or life extending outcome? This theory of “lets do what we want, when we want, no matter how bad it is, because we only live once”…is ridiculous. I can’t even say it’s “childlike” mentality because I have more respect for children than I do  most so called “adults”.If anything, trying the EASY way out by going down "negative" fuled choices tends to never have good results. By history standards, results most likely end badly with this idea of life because people listen to this and assume it means to do everything BAD - and do it often. By bad, of course, I don’t mean what society standards of bad are but what LIFE, SCIENCE, and LOGICAL standards are. If you eat too much bad crap, you will become unhealthy, overweight, diabetic, have a heart attack, get depressed, and potentially die, etc… If you do drugs, you will be unhealthy, damage your mind, lower your soul vibrations and potentially die. If you have too much sex with strangers (Esp unprotected) you risk STDS, unplanned pregnancies, multiple energies emobodded onto your aura from people you may not even want in your life, and potentially life changing issues and or death. See a pattern? Basically: Why ? Don’t you WANT to live a HAPPY life?  The logical fact is no matter what you do there is such a thing as the law of "Cause & Effect." So it's safe to say that making good choices & taking positive risks on things that have a potential for an EMPOWERING, LOVING, GROWING, & POSITIVE outcomes; will lead to a greater domino effect for you and those around you. Self-love leads to good choices which in effect lead to good results.

    I’m a huge risk taker. I love challenges. I love the eccentric, the weird, and the unknown. In a way, you may call me a rebel (with a LOVING cause lol) but I'm not an illogical person, hence my current risks are more focused on good options that lead me to a love filled positive lifestyle vs the negative choices I use to make that lead me to a negative & empty life.More so, I finally know how to follow my intuition a bit better,  which is the key to not going down the wrong rabbit hole. Granted it took me a lot of dark rabbit holes for years before I finally decided to take in this positive path, and I am still learning, but I'm definitely well on my way. I may have been more naïve when I was younger but I’ve lived and learned. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do in life: LEARN…. BUT if you can learn from someone else who has been through the fire then why risk getting burned yourself? I wish I would have listened to my sisters’ and or mother’s warnings at a younger age because I would have saved time and tears on a lot of crap. However, it’s never too late to change and be happy and apply the lesson LEARNED. PLUS, I am not my past or my future : I am my present. That being said...this theory of " Lets live life to the fullest" is great if used in a positive and productive way. Instead of risking all the bad things in life because you may not believe in afterlife or reincarnation…. How about taking chances on things you might not understand or believe too much yet but hear, read, and see that they may have positive everlasting happy results? For example, how about eating healthier.  Not happy with your body or your current health? Take a chance and try eating no meat and more veggies, and shopping organic, or buy that juice maker that is always on TV… or try that yoga thing everyone’s talking about. It's not about doing it because society has its ideas on beauty (cause thats ridiculous); instead its about loving yourself enough to want to take care of the well being & health of your body. Medicine not working? Look into holistic remedies and Chinese doctors and Eastern medicine, maybe even research more about what foods or tonics can help you. Your place is a mess and so is your life? Try and Google or YouTube how to Feng Shui and organize. Love life sucks, and your tired of being used? Change your pattern of love interest: Learn to say no and start loving yourself first. TRY… why not? What do you have to lose?

      Worse case scenario, with THIS new mentality of positive risk taking, nothing changes and you stay the same. Best case scenario, your life gets better in THIS life and you become a happier and fulfilled person. No death, no miserable constant sadness, nothing gets WORSE. And lets just say that perhaps there is REENCARNATION., and bettering your soul now doesn’t just make THIS life better but makes your NEXT life better… and that becomes YOUR evolution...well then consider that a BONUS. HOWEVER in full disclosure, like many laws of the universe, taking your own life to start a new one does not fall into the positive lifestyle credo. In fact, that isn't loving yourself. SO DON'T EVEN CONSIDER IT. Instead, focusing on not giving up on the one you have so that you can get closer to evolving as a soul of light & love.  A chance for a greater exsistence after learning lessons in this life:  GREAT! Well then that’s something to look forward to even more. Worse case, what if everything BAD you’re doing to yourself and to others now not only has consequences in this life but even more in your next life? Personally that’s a risk I’m not willing to take. I’m awake, I’m alive, and I have intuition….as everyone does. Therefore, having no soul would be the only excuse someone would have to be so harmful, and that IS IMPOSSIBLE unless you’re a robot. So out with that old mentality…. In with the new evolved mentality: LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLIEST - a FULLY POSITIVE life.