Pamela Francesca aka ThisBlondeBrunette 

Love starts within us.... We can give , receive, and see it in everything and everyone : EVERDAY. Happiness starts with Love.
— ThisBlondeBrunette

To whomever is reading this….hello and welcome. My name is Pamela Francesca aka ThisBlondeBrunette. I was born in Lima, Peru but lived in the States since I was 2. Still, my parents kept the Peruvian culture very much alive in our household, including teaching me Spanish. I am a creative soul by heart and that shows thru my various ventures such as creative directing, acting, art and of course writing. I’m so happy and honored that you chose to check out my site and I hope that you can gain something wonderful out of it. Something that will make your life better and make you feel that love within yourself that leads to happiness. ThisBlondeBrunette was a name I came up with a few years ago, as a pen name for all my thoughts, poems, ideas, and stories that I wished to share to the world if possible. The idea behind the name “ThisBlondeBrunette” is that there is the concept of the Marylin Monroe (the blonde sexy bombshell) and the Jackie O (the brunette classical wife) in society, being two different women. I think that there is a Marylin and Jackie in all of us women. Intellegience and class; sexiness and sass ; the wife and mistress in one. So I dedicded metaphoraically to embody both in one, because I believe that you can be anything you want because everything is already within us. You don't have to be just one thing; you can be everything and anything you want. Of course this idea; like this site, is not jsut to be applied or for women. In fact, most of everything I will be posting is for anyone who wants to be empowered or guided to a positive lifestyle that starts from LOVE. 

   Now ever since I can remember I have been in love with idea of love. Not just the happy ending between two people; but this utopic sense of society where love is everywhere among family, friends, and strangers. Where the evils of the world don't exist and life is full of happiness. Hence I have the word "love" tattooed on my wrist in white, so that it was visibile just for me, but also for this idea to attract and manifest love everyday (the power of the word). However, I felt the need to spread this idea of a love further than just my own journals and my tattoo wrist. This is why I have created this site. To promote a positive lifestyle, to create a "love movement" of sorts. I believe that love leads to kindness and thoughtfulness. In turn, if everyone thought this way, then perhaps the world could be a better place.A place filled with kindness and compassion.         

      In this site, I will discuss "For The Love Of"  5 things, in each of these sections: Food, Fashion, Life, Travel, and Love. In the section "Food" I will give healthy, yummy recipes, give reviews only on restaurants I like, and give explanations on the benefits of featured foods, herbs, etc. In the section "Fashion" I will feature brands and products that I find wonderful; including styles and details basically anything I find visually inspiriing and helps me express myself; as well as the occasional ideas on fashion overall. In the section "Life" I will discuss ideas, philosophies, books, movie suggestions etc. and facts to help and guide you to a more positive lifestyle. In the section "Travel" I will share stories and pictures of my travels and suggest locations of beautiful places. Finally, in the section Love of Love, I will discuss love in terms of relationships of all sorts: family, friends, work and of course that love we all dream of ... the love of your other half; BUT the most important love you will ever need to have is SELF LOVE. If you don't love yourself then how will you ever know how to love anyone else. Let me help you, in case you have forgotten what it means to love yourself. 

   My Vlog section is my way of interacting with you all in a more personal level. I will vlog in a very uneditted casual way my thoughts, ideas, experiences, travels, and eventually the occasional interview of innovators, positive lifestyle promoters, & inspiring humans. Preferrably from the comfort of my favorite pastel pink couch. 

In 2007, I created a character called Francesca. Inspired by some of my favorite child like authors whose images and stories shared adult like profound positive messages and lessons to life, such as Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. Francesca (my middle name) was created as my alter ego, a character on a quest for love; including the love of herself, which is the key ingredient to a positive lifestyle. Filled with positive messages and promoting self-worth and self-discovery thru her ups and downs and romantic adventures; Francesca is the doodle version of me. I will be selling my first edition "Francesca. A Quest for Love" as well as original Francesca art pieces, soon on the section Francesca Products. 

More importantly, I want YOU, the reader/viewer, to feel free to reach out to me with questions and concerns. I want this site to have a sort of Dear Abbey vibe because no human should feel alone in the world. We can all guide each other. Full disclosure though, I am not perfect, I'm not a doctor, I'm not some divine god, and I don't claim to be an expert. I'm just a human who has been through some HUGE ups and downs. I've seen the dark and now live in the light. I am still learning and continuing my journey. My beliefs and some of my advice might be different or alternative to what you have been taught or what you believe, but again these articles come from my personal journey & teachings I have found to really have helped me get to the direction which I prefer to be on. You can choose to read it and take in what you like from my blog. But if you don't agree or don't like it, then simply don't read it. I won't allow any negativity or arguments on my pages. Hence there is no comment section. This is a NEGATIVE FREE zone. Positive and soul awakening curious souls only please. So if you ever have a question (even if you want to be anonymous) email me at the link below. I will be reading your emails and depending on which section your question /answer bests falls under, I will find a way to answer your question and post a general response to it in the appropriate section. Consider this site a guide. You have the power to be happy and to change your life for the better no matter what obstacles, problems, illnesses, etc life might throw at you.It may not be easy and it can be a constant battle BUT it's never to late and it is not impossible. We are all born with love in our hearts, mind, eyes, and soul, but sometimes we just need the right guide to turn it on and remind us. So lets start here and start now. A revolution of the mind, heart, and soul : A #PositiveLifestyle .... A #LoveMovement .... become a #LoveWarrior. Start adding goodness to our world, because we are all part of a collecitve conscience; so lets make the best versions of ourselves.Thank you for taking time out of your day to allow me to share with you my thoughts etc. 

Con mucho Amor <3 


Love will forever be branded in my heart and on my sleeve. To give and to receive. Love is my life.
— ThisBlondeBrunette